Parents & Guardians


  • Every effort made by the teachers and the management will go in vain unless the parents co-operate with them wholeheartedly and supervise the daily work and studies made by their wards at home. The normal intellectual, moral and cultural development as well as their character formation depends on their co-operated efforts.
  • After each test and exam, the parents get a report of their ward’s conduct, aptitude to study, progress etc; as recorded in the handbook or on the marks card.
  • In order to facilitate the improvement and progress of the students, time to time parentteacher meetings are called during the academic year.. Their cooperation and efforts must be a boost to the management and all the staff members.
  • Every school is basically a democratic institution and observes no protocol or preferential treatment, you may visit the school at appointed times as parents. We wish to get your willing co-operation in this regard.
  • Parents are requested to bear in mind that the school attaches great importance in building a sound character in its pupils. Therefore, the parents are expected to cooperate with school authorities by making their children understand that a well ordered and disciplined way of life is as important at home as it is in school, by seeing that they prepare their lessons and by taking an active interest in the activities of the school.
  • The school diary is a record of reference, the teachers may make occasional requests in this diary, and parents are requested to sign them as proof of having read.
  • All the pupils must bring their diaries to school every day, and all parents should check and sign these diaries regularly, to keep in touch with what is being taught and what home work is being assigned to the pupils.
  • Parents should attend Open Days (Result Day) and collect Progress Reports, sign them and return to the teachers without failure.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the school. However, parents are not allowed to interview teachers, enter the classroom or meet their child / children or take them home during school hours, without the sanction of the Principal / Vice Principal. For all such cases parents are requested to make prior appointment with the office.
  • Parents are strongly recommended not to take their children on any religious pilgrimage places or elsewhere during school working days. Students are absolute not permitted to use any religious attire. This will incur suspension from the school.