Rules & Discipline


  • Discipline is an integral part of the learning process. For this a student has to learn self-control, a control of his emotions and impulses. He must live in harmony with others by respecting the customs and traditions of others and society, by keeping the laws of the country and by obeying the commandments of God.
  • Order must be the hallmark of our school. For this everyone must maintain an atmosphere of silence during working hours in classrooms, staff-rooms & office.
  • Cleanliness is a pre-requisite of orderliness. Therefore all the classrooms, corridors and the campus, as a whole must reflect this in our school, which aims at bringing up an atmosphere of Godliness.
  • Students arriving on school campus before the first bell have to go straight to their own classrooms and be busy with the day’s lessons or home work in silence. They must not be seen outside their classrooms or in the playground.
  • The students must arrive at the school 10 minutes before the first bell and after the first bell no students are allowed to go to the classrooms.
  • During the school hours no student is allowed to leave the classrooms without
    the permission from the school authorities.
  • No student suffering from contagious diseases shall be permitted to attend school.
  • No student suffering from contagious diseases shall be permitted to attend school.
  • The school is not responsible for articles lost. It is not advised to bring costly articles like expensive watches, fountain pens, gold etc., to school. Books, tiffin boxes and sweaters etc. should bear the name of the pupil and class. Pupil will be responsible for their safekeeping.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss pupils whose diligence or progress in study is consistently unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to others or whose parents / guardians show little interestsin the progress of their wards.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, desks etc.;
    throw paper or ink about in classrooms or in any other way causing damages to the school premises. Damage done should be compensated at the discretion of the principal.
  • Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed. When passing through corridors during class hours students shall keep silence. School authorities will not be responsible for children after school hours.
  • All entries of absence, late coming etc. should be made in this handbook and not on sheets of paper.
  • Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to speak to the students or their teachers during class hours without the permission of the principal.
  • The students and the staff are expected to speak only in English once they enter the school campus. Each one should endeavour to keep high the refined tone of the school by excelling in good manners and department.