Vice Principal’s Message

St. Maria School

Vice Principal’s Message

Albert Einstein said, “Education is not about learning of facts but training young minds to think”. There is a big difference between cramming up facts and learning them so that they can be applied in productive ways.

We try to work towards holistic development of our students by providing them the tools and experiences that encourage our students to think. The aim is to create empowered minds so that students are able to decide what is good for them, differentiate between right and wrong , choose opportunities that help build them up and enable them to live in harmony with all that exist in the world. I am delighted that the school’s values align with my own personal values including the importance of trust, respect innovation and a sense of community.

Today we are living in a fast changing complex society, which presents before us challenges as well as opportunities. In this context it all depends on every individual how one responds to the situation with the right mindset. I remember the words of Benjamin Disraeli,” Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.” Indeed, we need better human person, to build a better society. I firmly believe that every human being endowed with various talents and skills is a precious gift of God. I am very pleased to bring to your notice that St. Maria School is one of those schools which provides ample opportunities along with a value based wholesome quality education to nurture the inner potentials of every child.

I wish and pray that everyday be a special day for every child who enters the portals of St.Maria School, with a heart and mind set to grow more than yesterday. And live with a purpose in your heart. May the prayer of St.Maria beyour guiding force and may the blessings of Almighty God be with you all for a successful academic year.

May God Bless you all.

Sr. Leena

(Vice principal)